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Arran Jobs is a facebook community page, set up by Arran Graphics in 2015. It enables all employers on the island, as well as people looking for jobs, to post on the page and attract potential interest from the island's community of working adults. The page now has a following of well over 1000 people and businesses on the island. 


The page is maintained by ourselves. We routinely - often immediately - copy share any post to the main timeline. We also delete innapropriate material and offer occasional insights into the demographics of job hunters and available positions on the island, based on the type of visitor we get to the site. 


Advertising a job on the page is free of charge and has been from day one. We accept basic posts, jpg adverts and even offer cover pic banner ads (these we charge for). We have spoken to many island businesses throughout 2017 and many now say that Arran Jobs works better than any advert placed in the local newspapers. 


We are asking all employers and any regular job hunters to consider supporting the page by making a small donation. It will help us to justify keeping the page monitored, often well into the evenings, and our commitment to keeping the page active and informative. 


Just one advert in the Arran Banner can cost £50. If you use Arran Jobs regularly as an employer, please consider this as a donation for the entirety of the next calendar year (2018) and you can obviously use the site as many times as you like. We will not object if you decide not to donate and nobody will get ignored from the site for not wishing to contribute. If you wish to donate, please click below. Please note £1.50 "Shipping Fee" will be added to the £48.50 mentioned, giving £50. We'll send a receipt out and this includes VAT. If you wish to post anonymously, message us the textof your advert and then pay for a private box (£20) below. We will deal with it within 5 days and set you up with your own box. 


If you wish to reply to a Private Box listing on Facebook (this is free), please click here  





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