As a small business with a rather remote address, it's often difficult for us to prove that we are up for the job. But when we get that opportunity, we quickly prove otherwise. Occasionally, a Stagecoach bus will pass you on the motorway with one of our advertising decals on it. Perhaps you'll notice the huge window stickers at the House of Fraser in Inverness. Those wrist bands at that event, those event t-shirts that the organisers are wearing,.... . So much of our work is behind the scenes, yet in front of your face. Our business customers keep coming back. In fact, we're very proud that they pass on our details readily to others.

The services below do not lead to pricing. Please let us know what you are interested in. We'll try to come and see you. :)

Wall Panels and Showroom Décor

With Lamborghini Edinburgh as a regular customer, we needn't have to explain that these panels - available in foam board, aluminium or plastic - are the very best quality. Of course, you don't need to be selling supercars  to have quality graphics around you. We are confident we'll be one of the most economical suppliers you can find. Panels can be supplied with hangers or battens and we can supply any sze you need - even for multiple/montage displays. We can matt or gloss laminate the panels for added lustre. Please note: We do not offer installation services.

Banners and Other Flexible Materials

PVC Banners for one-offs or longer lasting displays are a speciality. These eyeletted and hemmed banners are, of course, ideal for outside use. We also supply them with clean cut edges for other uses you may have. "SoFlat" is another material which can be printed in high resolution and is very flexible. It's the same product used for roller banners (which we also do) and can be used internally as a very high quality backdrop.

Products for Events

Banners, posters, custom-printed Tyvek wrist bands (the single use ones) , promotional mugs, t-shirts, polo shirts, ...you name it, we can probably supply it. We also supply A-Frames with magnetic panels which allow easy replacement of posters for ever-changing and eye-catching promotions and events. All very cost-effective solutions to make your event stand out.

Giveways, clothing and retailable goods that you can profit from.

Quite often we supply items for a company event and then find out they're actually selling them to clients! Well, why not?! Taking this one stage further, we can usually come up with a unique range of products which will be ideal for your customers. Why not add a little extra to your turnover with a highly profitable range of clothing, custom vinyl stickers, etc. We also supply customised pens, hats, keyrings and much more.

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