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Digital Art

This part of the web store is dedicated to the digital artworks I create in my spare time. I would strongly recommend you buy a copy of the new book before placing an order for any artwork as you will receive a discount code for use against your order for any print or other physical product in the collection.

I print the artwork on a variety of media that is maybe not what you are used to when it comes to art reprints. Of course, you can have a poster-style print. But I also print on fabric and foam board, both of which are easy to hang using 3M command strips - and these are always included with wall graphics. 

There are no "originals". Digital art is created on computer and no originals exist in the usual sense. Delivery may take up to 3 weeks as pieces are printed to order by my agents. UK only. Overseas customers are welcome to email their requests and I shall try to sort something. 

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