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Do you print locally?

No. The print equipment our suppliers use would not fit on the ferry. And, they cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is much easier for us to print using companies offering trade accounts. 

What, nothing is printed on Arran?

We print funeral services on a laser printer and we have a bespoke label printer for local food producers. That's it. 

So, why don't I just use an online company?

Firstly, you'll have to be sure your design is ready to print. That means checking bleeds, safe areas, fold lines and so on. Next, you'll note that most people don't include delivery to Arran. Thirdly, nobody will check your artwork as most online printers are fully automated. And lastly, we still think we can beat the price!!

Is there a minimum order / order value?

It makes sense to use economies of scale with print items. We try to dissuade people from ordering "10 brochures" or "100 business cards" as it's usually the same price for ordering a lot more, due to the work involved in getting your items printed and delivered. Generally, we would not look at a job without it costing over £40.

Do you always beat other prices I find online?

Usually, yes. When we fail it's due to our higher quality of paper or sign material; or it can be down to a special offer which we can't equal. Always consider the fees you pay for delivery and any 'adjustments' required to your artwork and NEVER pay a 'set up charge' as these are usually just quirky ways of companies making a little more profit with little extra work involved. 

Do you include artwork/design fees?

In many cases, yes. This is really unique to Arran Graphics. If your order value is over £200 or so, we will often waive design charges. Obviously, this depends on what is involved and how much of your supplied text, graphics and photos are ready to print. Exceptions to this are books (which can take weeks to design) and banners with text only (which take us minutes and we'd never charge for that). And, if you don't know exactly what you need, design fees can be considerable if you wish to change your mind about anything. Standard design charges are £40+VAT per hour, which covers things like providing artwork for advertisements and so on. The minimum charge is £20+VAT regardless of time taken. 

How long does it all take to print?

It depends what you order. Re-orders of existing things like leaflets and cards can be 3-5 days. New orders needing design work can take 2-3 weeks. If you supply exactly what you need and your text/graphics are emailed to us, we can reduce turnaround time. Please don't simply ask us to "use your magic" or "give me some ideas" as this takes considerable time and costs a lot more. 

What about delivery costs?

Our delivery costs are usually included in the overall price. Occasionally, for extremely large signage or print orders, we may have to add an extra charge. This is usually covering local costs from Ardrossan to Arran, where the majority of our delivery costs are incurred. 

Do you print for people on the mainland?

Yes. We provide printing for Lamborghini in Edinburgh, the Scottish Model Show (annually), the Give A Dog a Bone charity, Elizabeth Welsh Family Law in Ayr and a good few others. 

I need simple black and white labels. Do you do those?

We print barcodes and ingredients labels for local bakers and butchers. We also do "return address" labels. These are done in-house on our £4000 Cab Squix printer. We have a range of labels in stock and they're produced on rolls. Labels are printed in quantities of 1000 at a time at between 1p and 3p each. 

Vehicle graphics?

No. Unless you want magnetic panels, which we can do. Vehicle vinyls and wrapping is a different field of design and print and requires dedicated equipment that we cannot invest in for Arran's small population. 

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