New for 2015, these M*A*S*H style t-shirts have attracted a lot of interest. 

A*R*R*A*N T-Shirts (M*A*S*H - style)

  • Available in Unisex Round neck and V-Neck (straight fit, rather than women's fit), military green with A*R*R*A*N motif in gold on the front and sergeant stripes with "2866TH" on the sleeve (emulating the 4077th MASH). 2866 is the height of Goatfell. PLEASE NOTE SIZE OF THE V-NECK. THEY ARE STRAIGHT SIDED (LIKE THE ROUND NECK) AND OF SIMILAR WIDTH DIMENSIONS, BUT 1" SHORTER. Note that the V-Necks are slightly darker olive green than the round neck. See our matching baseball hats featuring the same design.

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