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The 400mm square polyester fabric prints are made in conjunction with our frames and you will need both to display your chosen image. 

Fabric prints come with a sewn silicon edge which slots into each frame. Watch the video for more information on how this works.

Fabrics have a small "pull tab" which means you don't need a new frame if you just want to change the fabric to a new one. 

How to order:

1. Only order if you have a frame (see other option). 

2. Order a fabric print. See the images on this page. These are sized to match our frames. 

3. Allow 3 weeks for your order to arrive. 

4. Assemble the frame (instructions and allen key included in the kit

5. Pop in your chosen fabric print. 

6. Hang, with either 3M command strips or just a couple of panel pins. They are VERY light. 


Next time, if you just want to change the print, you don't need to order a frame. Unless you've another wall to decorate. 

Fabric prints

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