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Use this service if you have a DIGITAL or PRINTED photo that requires editing or enhancing. I can accept any format, including the common .jpg file as well as the more modern .heic files on later iPhones etc. For printed photos, these need to be A4 or smaller. 

Please think about emailing me first ( before ordering, just to check I can actually do what you require. Price is FROM £15 per image (standard DIGITAL service).

Please ensure your DIGITAL photo is AT LEAST 1Mb in size. To check this on your computer, just open the folder it's in, right click the image and select "properties". Most recent phones will take photographs at very high resolution, so they are normally more than acceptable.

If you have a print that you need restoring, please arrange to deliver it to my house. I will email you the details.   

Things I can do for the "Standard Service":

Remove problem "bits" like trees, posts, "things that appear to be coming out of someone's head", changing the sky to a sunset or blue sky (or a storm!), changing contrast, saturation and so on. I can also intensify old photos that have faded. 

Things I can do for the "Premium Service" :

Adding or removing people from a photo, cutting and pasting into a new background, detailed work with a badly creased or torn image requiring more than an hour of work. Colourising old black and white or sepia photos is possible for an additional cost. 

Again, please email me and I will advise on possibilities and cost. PRICES ARE PER PHOTO. 

Photo Editing - Digital / Print

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