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Arran     Troon Marketing

Arran Graphics, in collaboration with Facebook's "What's Happening on Arran", is producing a range of services to meet the demands of travellers and local businesses in both Troon and the island during summer 2023, when the new MV Glen Sannox is due to enter service. The services we wish to offer are in two main formats: information booklets and video. 

Information Booklets

These will be produced for both Arran and Troon, as separate information guides to each location. They will be 210mm high and 99mm wide (the size of a normal leaflet) but in booklet form. Within the booklets will be basic maps of Troon and Brodick (and Arran as a whole) along with useful contact information for services like buses, trains, taxis and so on. Additionally, there will be QR codes linked to the videos mentioned below. Lastly, there is clearly going to be space for advertising and sponsorship of what we hope will be the most effective guide to each location, based around the new summer ferry service. 


"What's Happening on Arran" is a two-person live Facebook show produced on the island and is broadcast every week in a casual, but informative style. The hosts are planning to visit Troon in January or February to film key routes through the town from the terminal, a walking tour of the shops and other services offered and interview some key people in both Arran and Troon who will hopefully provide additional information and insights into the ferry service and the destinations involved. 

By combining the two methods into a printed - and online - guide, it's hoped that we will keep the costs to a minimum and yet provide a necessary service which we know will be useful to travellers in each direction. 

The production date for the guides is April 2023. Deadline for inclusion is therefore set at 31 march 2023.

The following advertising options are available. 


Advertising Opportunities:

  • Basic Adverts

  • Video Adverts (by WHOA!)*

  • Sponsorship


*WHOA! will film and edit a unique advert for you. 

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